A New Year burst

A first offering for 2014. Hope everyone is having a great start to the year.

I sketched this quickly at Gisborne in the garage from sprays of red flowers from the Red Bank.

The combination of deepest red velvet bush roses and the exuberant tangerine nasturtiums with geums and geraniums is so delicious.

Started with acrylics and then layered on oil paint to get enough depth of colour for the roses.  The jug, bowl and vase are all family heirlooms – the vase was made by my grand dad in his later years.

8 thoughts on “A New Year burst

  1. “Quickly”….how quick was it? This is the sort of painting I think would take me days, if not weeks!
    I like the detail and composition of the bowl, last image in the series.


    • Hi Dawn – how lovely to open the blog and see you here! I was under a bit of pressure doing this at my mum’s house – but I’m finishing off a bit more slowly in my shed now.


      • Yes, I have a bit absent over the past month or so!! Things seem to have been ridiculously busy!! So, I haven’t been visiting as many blogs as I would like!!

        Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will get back into routine…


    • Hi Hilary – Thanks for the comment. I hope it won’t be one of those winters that creeps up and lingers but it can be cruel like that. Still hot and cold here – most unusual. Hope the writing is coming on well for the New Year.


    • Thanks Lottie m’dear and Happy New Year to you. I’m slapping on the paint a bit here and trying to be a bit braver. Does take a long time to dry between coats though so you still have to be patient – no shortcuts !! Hope all is going well with you and the Irishman xx


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