Melbourne Now … and how!

Dipped a toe into the cultural extravaganza that is Melbourne Now today.

Fellow blogger and photographer Janina suggested a meet up and where better than somewhere super-arty?

The NGV team have gone all out here – a curator/artist’s vivid dream of places, spaces and layers of liberated exhibits.

Patrick Pound presents a contemporary wunderkammer in ‘ Air’ which gives an exploded view of eclectic pieces that any Victorian (or Germanic)  hoarder would be proud of.

Marco Fusinato‘s installation aims to rip your head off and send you scurrying to a more restful sculpted space nearby;

meanwhile masterful pieces such as Rick Amor’s ‘Mobile Call’ hints to the darker side of Melbourne and Mark Hilton’s ‘Don’t Worry’ provides a spell-binding and disturbing journey into even deeper places.

Marcus Bunyan gives a slightly damp review on his ArtBlart blog. While I agree there is a lot going on which might detract from the greater over the lesser works, (horror) – I think he was also concerned there’s too much crafty stuff for little people!

But an exhibition, where even the very young (like the young boy near me) can ask, ‘ Why is there a DNA helix there?’ while looking at Mark Hilton’s work must be worth it. Will be back for more, and more..

We fell back for coffee and a good chat about taking photos – which Janina has been spending a lifetime doing – and painting – a more recent revival for me. What a good day.


2 thoughts on “Melbourne Now … and how!

    • Hi Hilary – it’s all pretty wonderful stuff and I’m going to go and get another dose this weekend I think. Wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t so far away? Stay warm there.


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