Saturdays in Melbourne

As my Saturdays often return me to the city  – I have spare time to indulge and explore. After my recent success with the Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook map, which I’ve moved onto the Sisterhood’s new blog, I have created the Melbourne mlog – a map version of my weekend ramblings and their related posts – so amazing. 

Click a pin to see some images and then follow the link in the menu to read some more.

Drop back anytime to see new pins and wanderings

Some earlier posts:

To find out more about places in Melbourne you can read more on the Myer Emporium; the surprising environs of Southbank; the curious architecture of higher education; the artistic heart at the NGV; the secret peppercorns of Newmarket, the unexpected urban chic of Oakleigh;

For interesting events – past and present – there are snippets about the enchanting White Night Festival; the madly exciting Comedy Festival; quirky art in the RMIT Gallery; the exquisite finds at the Melbourne Museum and the ever new events at the gracious Exhibition Buildings

For a view of things that Melburnians get excited about there are some insights on Cycling Behaviour and Dress (or lack of it); views on fast food and bad coffee franchises (you know who they are); adoration of cooking shows, food and eating generally.

For others wishing to master the grand trickery of map (or mlogging) making please read

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