A kelpie in the kelp

Rigby’s first day at the beach and a bit of a post Christmas detox today at Philip Island for us (If you can count 2 potato cakes, a muffin and 3 coffees as a detox – maybe not…)

Another dog owner we met today said that puppies have a sort of reverse bucket list of things they should experience before they are 16 weeks old.

Well she’s met my family at Christmas and been to the beach so that should cover most of the potential scary things in the future.

The wind coming off Bass Strait made swimming an activity for the brave hearted, so we rock scrambled in that wonderful tidal zone bit of the beach and took some inspiration for the next painting – perhaps.

(The boy explained the geology of the various igneous, sedimentary and other rock types along the way) – the mix of black basalt and red sandstone is quite beautiful as it juts out like a Baboon’s head from Smith’s Beach.

Just a perfect day – especially for the dog and her boy – who were both a very tired pair on the way home.

9 thoughts on “A kelpie in the kelp

    • Thanks Hilary – she is really growing fast but so sweet the way she sits up very straight! The rocks are wonderful there – a real mix and I’m glad my son is a bit interested in them now and taking some time to look at them as well as scramble over them.


    • Hi Kiwi soul – We were a little premature taking her to the beach – but as I did animal health risk assessments for a living at one stage (if you can believe there is such a thing!) I figure the beach – which is basically sand scrubbed daily by sea water- is pretty much the safest environment anywhere & a little dog nose rubbing with healthy dogs is not too dangerous either. Most cases of parvo I’ve had to deal with (and I certainly wouldn’t wish it on any poor pup) were unvaccinated pups kept in close confinement – breeders and greyhounds etc.
      But you are probably wise to err on the side of caution. Kiwis get gold stars for their animal health.


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