Gisborne from dawn to dusk

A lovely day enjoyed at Gisborne – from the crisp, clear lines of the morning through to the soft pink haze of the evening.

A couple of images shared here alongside my effort to interpret this beautiful landscape. I was going to keep it pastel-ly and then thought – naah.

(An update – my husband just commented: ie – ‘is that painting finished?’ ‘It’s a bit of a different style’ ‘Did you cut your ear off?’ etc

This is why painting can only be done in a shed well away from family.)

8 thoughts on “Gisborne from dawn to dusk

  1. I am more of a photography guy so I am immediately drawn to smoky evening. But the painting as a whole is good – I admire people who can create images without the artificial assistance of the camera. I don’t think you really need to cut your ear off! That’s taking it too far.


    • Hi Nigel – I’ll have to check I haven’t got some strange setting on my posts (although I’m not technically clever enough to know whether I have or not…) Strange that it’s not working (I haven’t tried to reblog any other posts myself so I’m not sure how it all works)
      Nice to talk to you all the same! 🙂


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