Bandung to Bali – Book I

Bandung to Bali Book I – The Readers Digest version of the story so far

In 1973 the world is covered by a clear sky full of stars and on the 4th day of the new year my 4th brother is born. 

In a land of monster spidersnipping yabbies and badly behaved ponies I live happily on a small piece of farmland outside Melbourne, Australia with my family and our dog Sadie.
The long summer,with its frightening fires and close encounters with creatures of the deep, ends with a special birthday for me and the start of another school year.
Our new school has an unusual playground and I find myself leading a gang of quirky kids in the Rowville Brownie Pack.

And then the new Prime Minister – the great Gough Whitlam – gives my dad some money to go to Indonesia so he can study all about the country and teaching Indonesian.
We all have to get lots of needles, which is really no fun, and start to learn how to speak some Bahasa Indonesian. I have to rush to finish my art project in time and endure a shopping trip to Melbourne to buy the right clothes.

Soon we are ready to go  …

To find out how we get to live in Indonesia – Read BOOK II

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4 thoughts on “Bandung to Bali – Book I

    • Thanks so much – unbelievably I am actually in Bali now.. it’s happened very quickly but I’m looking at the world in a whole new way. It’s work though so some new posts will have to wait a bit…


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