Drawing from life

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My life drawing work was restarted with a kick on my return to Australia thanks to Amanda Schunker at ROAR Drawing who ran a class at Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne and has since moved to St Kilda.


11 thoughts on “Drawing from life

    • Hi Anne – so kind of you to drop by and take a look at all the bits and pieces arrayed here. I’m not organised to even start to work out selling anything so that’s a really nice question. I would like to see how this might work (grateful for any suggestions actually.) It’s not so much putting things up online but it’s more the logistics of physically reproducing something and getting it to someone. If you would like something of course I’d be happy to look into it – I promised something to a friend for a birthday present a while ago so perhaps it’s time to work through it.


  1. Megan what you bring to ROAR Drawing is always deeply felt and beautifully executed. The sense of abandonment in your initial drawings encourages others to give themselves a similar liberty, particularly when they are given a glimpse of where it can lead you. Your real talent lies in your ability to keep evolving and rising to the challenge…..your abstract work is indicative of this, enigmatic and deeply formed.


    • Thanks so much Amanda – although I’ve never stopped drawing, in some form or other, ever since I could pick up a pencil – your classes have been such a great way to really reconnect with art and what it is. As you know, I still find stepping up to the easel a confronting exercise in coming back to that basic place each time. Psychologically & physically it’s my mini-marathon – scary & exhausting but invigorating.


    • These drawings are really great! I am always fascinated by people who can draw or paint. I took some painting classes as an adult and would get so frustrated. I kept telling my teacher I was a rule-breaker as he tried to teach me and he kept insisting I had to learn the rules to break. It makes sense but I had not aptitude for it. So I just sloshed my brush around. I have one painting from it that I actually like of pears. It’s loose and alive (kind of like your drawings.) But that’s it for me — have to stick to the written word!

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      • Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I’ve just gone back to painting and am learning from Marco Corsini who just posted the most beautiful painting. He is teaching me patience and the rules and I am starting to pay attention – it’s hard graft to go back to the start but I need to do it!
        I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you love writing – that is such a true craft that has to also be honed and refined over and over.


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