Study from the Grand Salon NGV

Studies in the Grand Salon II

Continuing the fabric and costume theme. This painting – another romantic piece – captures the distance between a married couple after their return from an evening out. The wife gazes out to the hallway – perhaps avoiding her husband’s detached company. I painted this using gouache which is a new medium for me. Being an … Continue reading

Detail of study after Koller

Studies in the NGV’s Grand Salon I

Inspired by the Fashion themed Drop by Drawing at the NGV this summer I went back and made some studies of fabric and the clothing styles represented in the Grand Salon. This is a pencil sketch of the painting ‘Le départ du fiancé’ by Austrian artist Wilhelm (Guillame) Koller (painted in 1864). The woman’s clothing … Continue reading

Autumn study 8

An autumn study – medlars and persimmons

I came home from Gisborne with a reward of cuttings from mum’s medlar and persimmon trees with their curling russet leaves and ripening fruit. Being poorly over Easter I sat in the warm and sketched this study with pencils and pastels while the paints sat still in the cold shed.   (with apologies to the more gifted … Continue reading

Little Box Brownie

Little Box Brownie

Food is a jostling and sophisticated business along the Yarra’s Southbank these days. But Miss Daisy, the little vintage caravan, made the best of a small space at the food and wine festival on the weekend ‘Miss Daisy’ is the in the careful keep of Ms Sophia Purvis who is a rather good baker by trade and has a blog … Continue reading

The New Myer Emporium Melbourne

Fight against wholesale architectural vandalism in Melbourne

Ever since Melbourne’s early colonialists (con-artists?) told the indigenous inhabitants that their sensibilities on land and place were a bit ‘namby, pamby’ and not worth the notice of the self-appointed governors, the city has been far more interested in making a buck than listening to its inhabitants and having any sustainable and sensible plan for its development. Melbourne … Continue reading

Rose study 4 - adding deeper tone

A study of the rose

A walk through an artistic obsession – the study of the rose. Time and patience are the main requirements, so this was a good one to pick up during the Christmas break. I scrubbed back an earlier start of some lovely mop headed roses to give a base of mid tones. This worked really well … Continue reading

Sketch of ‘Musidora' by Marshall Wood NGV

Good art is… fearless

Keeping with the NGV’s fashion focus this month, Anthony Capon and his friends modelled some of his beautiful creations in the Grand Salon. So we were treated to layers of garment and a study of fabric on form. Marshall Wood’s beautiful marble sculpture, ‘Musidora’ set a mood of contemplation. For all of us still reeling from this … Continue reading

Happiness - Grasslands at the State Library

Good art is … Habitat and happiness

If I, a (somewhat trained) biologist describe a sparrow as ‘obviously happy’ – fellow (learned) scientists will suck their cheeks in in disgust. Proposing that a ‘lesser’ species is displaying joy could mean our dullard species might not be the greatest creature in the Universe – it would be like Galileo (fool) saying the Earth circled the SUN! So then – … Continue reading

Cafe of Life Portrait of a waitress detail

Good art is … meditating on Renoir

Strange how embedded some art works are in our psyche. I have been working away at a painting based on a cafe scene I captured one cold but dry day in Richmond. When I came to paint one woman who was leaving the cafe I laboured over it. Then I started thinking about Renoir’s Umbrellas (Les Parapluies) and … Continue reading

Pumpkins, sedums and cabbage flowers

Pumpkin time

It feels like I’ve had a winter’s absence but I have been working away on a few paintings. This one nearly finished but should be posted now of course – don’t want the pumpkins to not get out there…

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