The sketchbook (br)enters Europe

Ladies and Gentlemen of the world – I give you that most democratic of instruments, that most trans-boundary of objects, that most diplomatic of materials –  the Travelling Sketchbook of the Sisterhood!

She has flown from the US and entered Europe filled with hand made works which can only be wrought by love, thoughtfulness and the giving of someone’s precious time.

Our sketchbook is a thing of beauty, growing with each generous offering. She arrived in Greece unhindered and unhampered. She was not interrogated at any border. She did not meet barbwire nor did she have to swim to shore. She was unruffled by political rhetoric and untempered by the crosswinds of social media.


The birth of Athens – a work by M L Kappa. You can see her work at the link below

She has now moved on to Germany where she was not delayed by a lack of trains or turned back by overcrowding. No she was welcomed by Constanz in Munich with kindness and openness.

She is not grandstanding, brashy or showy. She doesn’t flick her hair or speak down to those less fortunate than herself. She doesn’t drum away her neighbours. She doesn’t delight in Brexiting and snubbing her neighbours and those who would seek her refuge. Her stories are modest, observant but still intriguing.

She is more than a book – she is a symbol of a thread that goes around the planet and connects those flung so far apart that you couldn’t imagine that those she connects could have anything in common. But we do.


18 thoughts on “The sketchbook (br)enters Europe

  1. Hi, Chas, a little late in commenting here, but I love your words. They have summed the Sketchbook up for me, and I have to reblog. I am so looking forward to seeing what our European Sisters contribute.

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  2. A fitting tribute to the universal sisterhood of women… My mother always said that if women ran the world there would be no wars, no strikes and a lot less crime. I fear we’ll never find out if she was right, but anything that creates and builds international co-operation and creativity is heading in the right direction 🙂

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    • I hope it’s not too much – but I was watching the gorgeous doco on Bob Macguire (In Bob We Trust) and laughing and crying at the same time and wondering how can we deal with institutional madness…so glad to have met all the Sisters!

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