Reflections of the year so far


Maybe the many beautiful images coming through with reflections resonates with our new year search for meaning – what’s going on in the world? – feels like a daily reaction.

in the last couple of days

donna catterick’s always backroads  street lamp in a silver puddle

nigel boldero’s old school garden  heavenly water garden

alastair duncan’s still walks in dublin and beyond always delights with his riverscapes

lynn wiles’ mysterious another stack in grey still water (Compare with her earlier smokestack post)

geoff park’s patiently captured brilliant parade of wondrous birds and wandering marsupials & even a monotreme! reflected in the dam at Newstead

ana Silva’s mirrored trees in Manuel de Arriaga Park on 1001 scribbles

& mark hardisty’s (actual) breathtaking vista of snowdonia from Llynnau Mymbyr 

my less splendid but still mirror perfect pic from last weekend (unusual given the muddy state of the dam most days)

thanks to everyone for keeping peace and the planet in mind.







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