Tassie folk & fellow sketchbookers

Just a few sketches of Tassie folk being very chilled out


Sketches at MONA


Sketches at MONA


Street Eats @Franko – joining the queue


Street Eats @Franko – Music Lovers -chilling level I


Street Eats @Franko – Music Lovers – chilling level II


Street Eats @Franko Soul Truck Band 

A link to see the band – very, very cool http://bit.ly/2jb9EkQ

As lots of my fellow bloggers are sketchbook lovers, it’s always nice to hunt around for what other artists out there are recording in their books.

So some other lovely sketches by artists touring the beautiful Tassie isles include
Anna Warren – who makes such lovely delicate water colours of our smaller friends and found objects in nature


Some more lovely sketches by Liz Reed who made a series of architectural sketches with loads of energy during her trip around Tassie and also gives some great advice – ‘One of the most important things when it comes to travel sketching is to have the confidence to go for it, and attempt something (anything!) when you see something that you want to record.’ 


I really tried to be a bit more gun-ho this time by sketching very quickly and loosely which was just great.

The Botanical Illustrations in the Tassie Botanical Gardens keepers cottage are truly remarkable and include the beautiful set below by Louisa Meredith. Quite a labour in comparison to the rapid sketches of we transient artists but she was also an avid diarist, sketcher and writer. Her life must have been very challenging emigrating to Australia in the 1830s, but her work and recording of indigenous plants as well as animals provided a ‘mix of science and art’  and her candid record of her life in the early colony are considered treasures of Tasmania’s early colonial history.



I also loved coming across this little story about Bill Flowers who says his sketchbook has even been bitten by a Tassie Devil – which is not something the average gentile lady sketcher would encounter every day! But this is not surprising when Bill has spent serious toil to reinterpret all the major great artworks from Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa as peopled by Tassie Devils – totally wild!







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