High Society Ball!

My friend Mary hosts the amazing Learning for Life Autism Centre Ball in Melbourne every couple of years and I am her completely pathetic committee member who offers to help but then turns out to be useless.

My one contribution was to recommission a couple of outdated roll up advertising banners to do these High Society cast paintings. They’re life size so I hope everyone there got the feeling of being in the movie and had a superb night tonight!

I was very sad not to join in the fun as I had totally overcommitted on two fronts.

1-img_36581-img_7414The technique (although I should keep this a trade secret!) is to paint over the banner in an acrylic paint – a linen colour is perfect for this sketched style. May need two coats but one sample pot is enough for two banners.

Then I sketched the figures in HB pencil and add highlights with white and shade with black acrylic. Then – the best part – was to cover the fabric and jewellery in lots of gold glitter paint… $4 from spotlight.


Probably best not to paint at 2am if you want to get perfect likenesses – but the glamour works I think and now I have worked out a great way to create some instant bespoke art props for events after struggling with heavy board and cardboard in earlier years.


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