The sketchbook heads Stateside

The work of the Sisterhood has been through a time of reflection after one of the dear members, Viv, who had signed up as part of the journey of the sketchbook, unexpectedly passed away. I’ve written a short piece about Viv on the Sisterhood blog.

The Sketchbook has still continued on its journey in the spirit of the small but global connections. From Australia the book was last in the hands of Sandi in Wandin.

She penned this lovely poem which perfectly stitches together the journey of the sketchbook and the craftswomen the book will find along its path.


A small boy


on a train seat

and looks beyond

grey hair.

He stretches a hand towards

a needle

and thread

pricking in and out

of floral embroidery on a hoop.

He points a finger

then the needle stops

and the boy’s finger

tip touches

a pick thread


from Windmills by Sandi Worrall-Hart


From there the Sketchbook crossed the Pacific Ocean and found itself in the hands of Alys in Silicon Valley whose blog is Gardening Nirvana. Her strap line is that she is born to organise – I could so do with her amazing-ness for a couple of weeks. Just look at this amazing gardening gadget…..


Alys’s decked out garden helper.

Although the US is now accepted as the mysterious land of the never-ending election with the world’s most bat-shit crazy (I can say that can’t I?) presidential nominee in the universe – there are remarkably wonderful intelligent people there.

I just watched the Whitehouse Frontiers Conference where the current incumbent talked about science and the future and the panel consisted of a physicist and a neuro-scientist and a classical musician. There were some gentle points made about the language of science and that ‘saying stuff’ didn’t actually constitute the representation of known fact. So how in a country of all this genius can some would-be politicians even get a foothold…?

Another genius communicator interviewed on the ABC here in Oz today was the ever so special Bill Bailey. I wrote a piece on Bill a while ago simply because I love him for representing the other squillion species on the planet that aren’t human beings. (Read here – it’s great>>) and that he made a doco about the Wallace Line which is ridiculously fascinating to anyone who loves biology.

Anyway the political link here was Bill’s description of the former UK opposition lead Ed Millibrand as being

“like a plastic bag in a tree ie no-one knew how he got there and no-one could be bothered getting him down…”

It made me laugh so much.

If Ed was a plastic bag, Trump must be some sort of unexploded IED hovering over our heads.

But I digress!

From Alys, the Sketchbook went north to the soggier clime of Seattle and Sue from the Magpie’s Nest received the next installment.

Look at this intricate section needlepoint she’s working on. The patience and care of this care is so impressive and the results are so beautiful.


Sue’s exemplar needlework

So as you would expect it was wonderful to find Sue’s work for the Sketchbook on her blog (as I’ve been a slow follower for a couple of months). It’s such a superbly thought out piece showing the world of night and day – just such a perfect way to represent us all.
I imagine this work is so amazing to see and to hold.


Sue’s addition to the Sketchbook – night and day

This  treasure then headed east into the heart of the States and into the lucky hands of Ushasree at Creative Crafts diy in Indianapolis.

Usharee’s kids must adore her as she has so many ideas of things to make that are so colourful, fully recycled and even practical. How is this for a gorgeous thing to make with a little boy so he can park (tidy up :>) his cars and still enjoy playing with them?


Ushasree’s cardboard box carport creation!

By the time the sketchbook leaves the States the country will probably have a new President.

But whoever that is at least there will be 3 amazing artefacts created during that period of US history that won’t have anything to do with politics and hubris.

For more posts on the Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook visit the special blog !


21 thoughts on “The sketchbook heads Stateside

  1. I’m late on the list too, which is a blessing, both in terms of having more time to think about what to produce, and because I get to see it more completed! All the entries I’ve seen so far seem amazing! And as for the politics, don’t get me started… too depressing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t know about the sisterhood sketchbook, what a fabulous idea. I am very keen on the gardening-bucket tidy. I bought a tidy that was meant to go round a bucket, but adapted it to go round my waist. I usually have more with me than will fit in the belt so maybe I need to progress to a bucket.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m starting to feel a little intimidated about my forthcoming contribution to the sketchbook… I still haven’t decided what to include. Anyway, I love the fact that I am very late on the list and so I will actually get to see most of the contributions ‘in the flesh’.

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  4. America has created some pretty weird politicians down through the years, but Trump is in a category all by himself.What’s scary, Chas, is that people actually support him. Why, is totally beyond me. He will lose, but I fear this election will haunt the US for a long time. –Curt

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Curt yes it’s strange but so much is constructed isn’t it? I can understand people wanting to ‘test’ the system by voting for Trump. I think Mike Moore made an excellent comment about the voiceless using their vote in that way. Hopefully many will just be a little more cautious and save their angst for next time.


  5. Oh Chas, only you could link up the odious Trump, the delightful Bill Bailey and our wonderful Sisterhood to create a post that made me smile while reminding me of all the gentle souls in the world. Thank you for a counterpoint to the politics of despair.

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  6. Hurray! Another Bill Bailey fan! And yes, I think we can count on Mr Insulation-Batt Hair to press the Big Red Button with gay abandon and drag the rest of the world to hell in a handbasket with him, but while there’s a Bill in the world, we can at least distract ourselves with intelligent humour and the knowledge that he who has the biggest mouth is not necessarily the one with the best stuff to say…

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  7. We go through periods of depression thinking that there are so many people in our country who support the man with the bad mouth that speaks no substance, etc. Some of us are aware and embarrassed other nations throughout the world are laughing at us and scared at what the results will be for them!

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