The burst and the blast

Our learned PM recently blamed the evils of renewable energy for destroying the transmission of electricity in South Australia. To everyone else the unprecendented hurricane which took out transmission towers looks to have been the cause.

We’ve had another blast of rain and wind today.

And so the government is planning to make sure a bunch of solar panels, a couple of wind turbines, the weather and God get a good going over at a Royal Commission once the parliamentary committee has finished having a chat with the Banks and given them all a little tap on the knuckles and told not be naughty ever ever again.

Elsewhere the sun and rain  – along with some soil juiciness – have generated so much growth that everywhere is green and lush.

The north facing slopes are ablaze with yellow cape weed- a tenacious plant which I’ve been able to pull out with gusto over the last couple of weekends.

In the old cemetery at Oakleigh a myriad of flowers have made a glorious ever changing carpet for over a month. Even the cape weed is a pretty companion here.

Up in Gisborne the red velvet daisies are just luscious  – this whole bank grown by my mum from one plant.

Who’d have thought the sun, wind and rain had that much power?Edit


10 thoughts on “The burst and the blast

  1. We are travelling around the Murray and a little further north. The amount of water everywhere is quite amazing. I have never seen the river so high at Echuca. And of course everything is so green and lush. Even the Silver City Hwy from Mildura to Broken Hill went through an environment that looked more like pasture than the usual salt bush country.

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  2. Mother Nature has it right, no doubt about that, Chas. Too bad she wasn’t a little more generous in supplying brains to the crop of politicians that have grown up with greed and bigotry on their minds in this era. –Curt

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  3. More tiny miracles, just like electricity from the sun, wind and water. My orchids are blooming, the frangipanis are in bud, and my banana tree is shooting up. Spring is lovely up here, hot but not humid, plenty of fresh breezes.

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  4. Where you are coming into the warm season I am heading into the cold season. Brrrr, winter will soon be here and I dread all the snows and blowing freezing cold air.

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