The sleeping giant

A little while ago I made a sketch of the giant child who is taking up ever increasing amounts of room in the house. When a couple of his mates turn up food stuffs evaporate and space becomes a premium. But they are always very polite in their takeover.

Anyway I’m working on creating a little monument to how quick growing up can be. These are on mini canvases – a set of nine – which I couldn’t work out what to do with for ages.

I thought I would make a domino set like the great domino trail that some wildly enthusiastic artists laid out in Melbourne earlier this year – all the way from the Town Hall to the Arts Centre.

I drew up some grids on the canvases with no real idea in mind. But they seem to work – like the lines for DaVinci’s boy – except rolled up Klimpt-like.

The feet have cost a lot over the years just to keep shod and now they’re pushing beyond the boundary of a human size bed.

Will have to get more little panels and see how it might all fit together.

Paintings in progress are oil on canvas

(C) Chas Spain


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