Signs of spring

Some days are for cycling and walking and the smell of the sea.


8 thoughts on “Signs of spring

    • Hi Lisa we’re lucky to have had good rain over winter and just a little sun turns everything green. Hope all is going well in your garden. I’ve been away OS for work for a stretch so just getting back to the blog again.

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    • Hi Kate how are you? I’ve been off in Indonesia for a bit for work. So lovely to be there but then come back to a glorious weekend. I don’t get over to the other side of the bay often. Should take the trek over again soon. Great to see the sketchbook is on the move again too!


      • Hi there! I’m pretty well :-). What a fun thing, to go to Indonesia for work.
        We’ve been having a fun few days looking for a suitable venue for our motorbike club rally for 2018 up here. Oh, the hardship of sitting on terraces overlooking the sea in the warm sunshine, sipping something nice…

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