To the workers – Worker series #9

Comrades – here’s to the end of another working week and even another working month. A couple of days to reboot before you get back to …


getting your point across over chips and coffee


discussing the security roster


repacking the shelves after the freezer comes back online


setting up the fencing for the impending Skyrail excitement 


remembering where you left the theodolite


7 thoughts on “To the workers – Worker series #9

  1. I haven’t had a ‘weekend’ since I married a shift worker 3 years ago… On the other hand, when he IS off, it’s for 4 days at a stretch, the first of which usually involves a very long lie-in indeed! I think my favourite is the first image, I love the animation in those faces.

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    • Thanks Kate – yes I should make a caveat for all those whose work never has a neat Monday to Friday. I was in practice for a long time and it was always a blur. Having a somewhat 9-5 job feels quite spoilt.

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    • Thanks Ardys – I’m trying to be a little brave photographing people – like the supermarket workers. If I was more confident I could have captured the frenzy of 20 people restacking the shelves. There was a nice buzz of everyone chipping in.

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      • I have huge reticence and involuntary ‘sweating’ when it comes to photographing people! I would love to do more but I am so fearful of invading their privacy, even when they are in a public place. I can fully appreciate what you’ve done here.

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    • Thanks Hilary – it was a bit surreal to see a theodolite just casually abandoned at the end of the platform. There are usually about 6 surveyors per theodolite but I think either the call of coffee or aliens must have taken them.


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