Thinking of Europe

Feeling woebegone because my Irishman is in Europe lapping up the summer sunshine while I was here going nowhere with a car and a flat tyre. Then there was all that silly Brexit business which my children – the two little pommie babies I have with British passports – found distressing.

So here are some restful reminders that Europe is where you find it.

Thank you Chanel for respectfully restoring this beautiful building in Flinders Lane instead of knocking it down and building a glass tower block which was a great Melbourne craze in the 70s and which is taking hold again because when people have too much money they like big, shiny things for no apparent reason.


Chanel Flinders Lane

I also loved seeing the revealed facade of the (now) Garden State Hotel also in Flinders Lane (I always feel nervous when I see a building boarded up for ‘restoration’ these days.)

This has a bit of an Italianate and something of a Covent Garden feel, so very nice to see the old mosaic still showing behind the new signage.


Garden State Hotel Flinders Lane

Although not part of the EU strictly speaking, Switzerland is still Switzerland. Hard to go past. The Swiss Club – not too far from her Francophile and Italian neighbours here – which seems just right.


Swiss Club Flinders Lane

A little less grand but still a nod to the Europeans amongst us – the Abel Tasman Club in Carnegie.


The Abel Tasman Club Carnegie

And from some earlier posts –

Just a reminder of the good things Europe brought to Australia for which we thank all those pastry chefs – a lot!
Acland St delights.


Europa Cake Shop Acland St


And for those who still love England  – despite all its contradictions and eccentricity – this little Box Brownie reminds me of the gorgeous idyll that we love to think of as England, bunting and all (but perhaps with tea and scones on sale rather than coffee which can be a mixed experience in the wilds of the English countryside.)



Box Brownie Southgate

7 thoughts on “Thinking of Europe

  1. Moving away from Melbourne has made me really appreciate and miss it. The seasons, the people, the culture, the architecture, art, food, the wonderful multiculturalism and the (mostly) tolerant people. She has the grace of old Europe, but has embraced the edgy and exciting. I now have a real understanding of what makes it the world’s most liveable city. It’s a great place to return to from anywhere in the world.

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    • Hi Sandra – I always feel like it’s a special place. There is a bit too much aggressive development at the moment which is a shame but the secret places are still there and there is a certain buzz of being in the city.


  2. I just Skyped my brother in the UK, and at lunchtime in midsummer he was more warmly dressed than I at 10pm in winter. I think we got the best of the European exports. They can keep the rather variable weather 🙂

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  3. Great photos – I especially like the last one.
    I think you need another trip to Europe to refresh your memory as ‘lapping up the summer sunshine’ is not a phrase I’d use at the moment to describe Southern France, let alone the U.K.. Maybe he’s in the South of Spain….or Turkey.


    • Oh yes I should remember it can be less than warm for our Northern friends. Last seen the old man was punting down a river in Tübingen, Germany and it was 30C (so I am still not very happy with him!)


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