Good Art is ..the magic of mosaics

So lucky today to visit the house gallery of Deborah Amon-Cotter.

There were so many beautiful objects – ceramics, paintings and mosaic works in all the many nooks and crannies from inside to out.

My favourite was this deep Galadriel’s Bowl complete with floating gardenias – beautiful.


Deborah’s work is so vibrant, playful and uplifting the visit was like a good winter tonic. The animal motifs – her little foxes and owls – delightfully appearing in many of her works.

Even an idle bathtub has been given the full mosaic treatment.


Came away with some beautiful early Christmas gifts – one from her beautiful series of lemon bowls. Very special.

Her gallery is also open tomorrow Sunday 10 July from 10am – 6pm with a door charge of $5 going to CyclePower which supports cycling for women of all abilities and is raising funds for a 500km ride through Cambodia and Vietnam this year.




7 thoughts on “Good Art is ..the magic of mosaics

  1. Debbie was my very special year 12 art teacher that insired me to go for it! A joyful artist.

    It’s thanks to her encouragement that I am making art now.

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    • Thanks Kate – I think it’s such a lovely idea to just set up your house as a gallery (the associated cleaning would be too much for me but I have got one room started so maybe it just goes from there.) You must save your pennies to come to Melbourne for the ‘Making of the Australian Quilt Exhibition’ on until November.


      • You never, never know… I keep trying to persuade the Husband to come down for a long weekend, but no luck so far…
        I have seen some of the key Australian Quilt pieces when they were on loan to the V&A in London in 2012 for one of the most important quilt exhibitions for decades.

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      • I agree! To the extent that I planned my whole UK trip around the exhibition. Their textile collection is second to none, but I also adore the NatHist. And the British Museum is pulling up fast behind them..

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