Winter studio

I’ve gone a bit soft and brought the studio in from the shed. Although it’s sad one of my lovely daughters has moved out (not from her perspective though!) having the space is a bit of a boon.

And I managed to retrieve an abandoned lamp and found the right light globe -what are the chances? – so I could do a bit of painting while the daylight waned.

One of the Sisters of the Travelling Sketchbook asked me recently how you know when a painting is finished. I can only say never (as you can see by the litter of unfinished canvases.)

If da Vinci carted his Mona Lisa about for years and Degas’ patrons lamented that he never finished a painting you know it’s not too bad a thing.

I’m not going to approach either of these two fellows in my pathetic remnant of a lifetime but it’s a fitting excuse that I’m choosing to be in good company.

Anyway I shall procrastinate no more … back to the room of half realised ideas.


8 thoughts on “Winter studio

  1. No, no, not the Room of Half-Realised Ideas, but the Room of Infinite Possibility. Anything can and will happen in there. I’ve had my own room to create in since we got married, and it’s a thing of joy and huge satisfaction. Well done on Carpe-ing the Diem and getting in there first!

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    • I’m outnumbered again but the 2 men of the house are away – one in Italy which I’m not very happy about – sending me snaps of Padua etc – very mean – and the other is allegedly tackling the Blue Mountains. So I am comadeering this room before it is filled with musical instruments, electronics and gaming consoles – (wicked laugh ….)


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