Winter nude #2

This has been a work in progress over the past few weeks. One big help was Hilmi’s advice to use white with the chiaroscuro layer as you would do with a conte drawing. I really loved the way this helped to build up the highlight areas which sometimes seem to take forever to get to the right level of intensity.

We had to work fairly quickly to build up the paint layers over the few sessions with the model and I enjoyed pushing the process along although I did pick the foreshortened side so there was a bit of fiddling to get the pose to look relaxed. I tried to keep to fairly large brushes and trust myself to put the paint on loosely – so was happy that the form came together. Think it’s getting there.

You can just see this is going to end up being an allegorical picture – a bit like my Aphrodite at Point Nepean painting.

Apologies to readers who might not take to these paintings. I gave a nude study to a friend for her 60th birthday and, while she loved it (of course I did ask before I imposed it on her), her children found it a bit much. Ah the younger generation – what are they like?

However if you do appreciate the work involved in drawing and painting the figure – there are some more here >>>


Charcoal and chiaroscuro layer


Blocking in colour


Tone and form


Glazing with shade and light


Building up flesh tones, detail and highlights (Oil on canvas)


18 thoughts on “Winter nude #2

    • Thanks Sandra – it was a long slow return to painting after going back to life drawing. It’s great to be in a class with some young students as well – they want to go so fast. So funny to be wanting to give advice to them and then remembering – no that was just like you – and now I have to go back to the beginning and learn from the bottom before I can go forward. Really enjoying it though.


  1. How interesting that the next generation are reacting to nudes. As children they were so much part of the landscape and life drawing was a part of any art class. Half the world’s galleries will be ‘denuded’ if the next generation get too sensitive.

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    • Hi Hilary – I was surprised too – and these kids are from Italian forebears – most strange. Also the study was a very modest work – only the back which I thought was very nice. Anyway my friend’s revenge on her children is to hang it in her lounge room.

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    • Hi Marina – oh yes that is quite tricky. I’m happy to take photos and to capture the change as I go and I’m always mindful now of respecting the layer underneath instead of making a mess of it. At the end of the class Hilmi was saying – ‘now if you want to paint like Lucien Freud…’ and described what I would need to do to get his technique. It’s pretty clear that is not going to ever happen – that’s a lifetime’s worth of painting.


    • Thanks Kate – trying to push the boat out a bit with this one. I’m never sure if (the perspective) will be convincing to anyone else so thanks for the reassurance. I really appreciate it.

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