Back to the Drawing Board iii

Sometimes the only way to truly understand something is to draw it.

And sometimes drawing what is closest to you is as revealing as it is strange – there is a surreal experience in drawing your own hand and then seeing it disembodied.

My hands are not so weathered – I have had a cosseted life for the past few years – but they have seen some work. Just thinking of all the women and men who earn a living by their hands – they are special and I’m not sure that I can count myself as one of them just yet.



11 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board iii

    • That’s fantastic Curt! I was wondering whether someone could read something about the future from a drawing of a palm – I’ll look forward to that encounter <; – thanks for not telling me I've got a short life line!

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  1. Beautiful drawing. My hands are not very cosseted, I have no idea if I own any hand cream, or where it might be, so the task of drawing the back of my hand would be quite demanding! I find palms infinitely fascinating, with the vast range of lines, shapes and wear and tear.

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    • Hi Kate – yes we don’t really care for our hands as much as we should. I always liked the story about the glove makers in London who didn’t succumb to the plague because of their use of lavendar oil. Whether it’s true or a myth I don’t know but I think a bit of lavendar oil would be a good thing to have on hand! (Sic)


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