Saturdays in Melbourne – a flâneur’s guide

It’s been an interesting day for blog stats and graphs and maps and the nine’s seem to have it.

This will be my 299th post. (Party colours for that)

At the start of the day I’d had 999 views for the month of June and about 199 people had dropped by even though it is winter here and mostly dull.

About 69 comments had been made – although these included me making comments so possibly they don’t count – but this brought up the year’s best month for interaction so far.

Not all is rosy though. There was a small dent to the blogging ego this week when three people liked a post which had no heading and simply said Rrrr  after a slip of the phone in the pocket – so that I had to add a picture of a pirate and a short explanation to save face.

This was doubly cruel as I had just written with great passion and pain about James Whistler and John Longstaff, but WordPress considered this post was published three days before it really was – so no-one even noticed it (despite very nice pictures and serious prose.)

So I wanted to flag THE NEW REFRESHED SATURDAYS IN MELBOURNE PAGE whereby the posts relating to the Saturdays in Melbourne posts, complete with all the ramblings and wanderings ever since I started distractedly blogging and found out what the word flâneur meant, are now on a MAP>>>

1-Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.01.27 AM

It’s extraordinary and a lot of fun – so do go and try interacting with it. You can select a pin and then see the post links and photos so you get a feel for where these moments happen in the spatial wonderment.

At least I trust you might like the map if the post I wrote on the Love of Stats recently is anything to go by. This was the highest viewed post by a squillion (well not a squillion but a lot)  in the lifetime of my blog which was nice because I did take some time over it. Not many people actually ‘liked’ it but lots of people viewed it – (I suppose if you were sensible you wouldn’t want to ‘like’ a Love of Stats post although all we bloggers have to admit we do love our stats as much as we love our followers).

Anyway back to the subject or object or point of the post –

the creation of the Saturdays in Melbourne map stemmed from the map I somehow managed to make work for the newly formed Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook.

The maps are made in Google My Maps and then magically linked into the blog post or page by a simple cut and paste method so seamless it is close to Houdini-esque.

For the SotTS map travel to the blog of the same name by clicking here >>>> and select the Journey tab.

The great thing is that the maps also get stats and the SofTS map has been viewed on My Maps over 200 times already.

Why all this kindness and interest happens I have no idea – I know many of the people who stop by have better things to do with their lives – but it is superbly nice that they have bothered. I know some are writers, some artists, some musos and craft makers, some are amazing photographers, gardeners, farmers, folk interested in travel, their fellow man, their fellow creatures and the planet, or sociology, geography or politics (well maybe not so much interested in politics at the moment – yes the English speaking world thanks the three stooges; Johnson, Trump and Joyce, for that) but yet they pop by to check that I am still on track.

Thanks again all for a wondrous half year and here’s to another grand six months.


9 thoughts on “Saturdays in Melbourne – a flâneur’s guide

  1. lol, I did wonder what rrr was about 🙂 I love seeing your photos of Melbourne, we visited briefly last year on a cruise, my OH was born in Melbourne so we returned and stayed with family in Maldon for a couple of days afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Margaret – How lovely to know so many of the Sisterhood have a link back to Melbourne. Maldon is such a beautiful place too – I must take a visit there again sometime. (Who is your OH? is that a reference to the husband?)


    • Thanks so much Henry – yes the split between lolling about and working is very strict. I do have a bit of a routine to this (hence the Saturdays!) but then I don’t know if you can have a routine and also be a flâneur.


  2. Allow me to say that if you are indeed a flâneur, you loaf and idle to great effect. But the very fact that you construct serious prose and nice pictures belies your self-description. If it was brought into being in passion and pain, you, ma’am are no true flâneur (or should that possibly be flâneuse?) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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