Richmond ramblings: front, back & sides ii

After the little ramble through Richmond in the sunshine the other day, which made lovely splashes of light and shadow, we’ve been hit by sharp rain and wind.

So I thought I would just keep the warmth going with some more pictures.

The pretty Victorians on Richmond Terrace always look sensibly attired, as if ready for church or a visit by a great aunt, even in the bare of winter –


while the house in Firebell Lane with her circular stairwell and bright red embellishments seems ready for action at any time of day or night.


I have semi-stalked a lovely colonial cottage on Bothermabo St over the past couple of years while she has been refurbished. The day the back of the house was removed – turning the building into an oversized dolls’ house – was a bit alarming. But luckily the house was in the hands of some careful minders and now has a smart extension, new render all over and restored windows. The curly verandah and picket fence were also reinstated so the house can continue to be a proud and treasured part of the street scape.



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Richmond ramblings; front, back and sides

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