The Sketchbook’s next offering

My contribution to the Sisterhood’s travelling sketchbook is also about a journey – albeit a short one – from home to the National Gallery of Victoria along Melbourne’s superb cycling routes with glimpses of all the lovely findings on the way.

There are more pictures on the gorgeously new Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook blog and you can also follow the map of the journey of the Sketchbook from there.


How to ride from Hughesdale to the National Gallery of Victoria


The cover of the map – sketch after Jules Bastien-Lepage’s Saison d’octobre at the NGV


Saison d’octobre by Jules Bastien Lepage 1878- exhibited in the Grand Salon NGV

21 thoughts on “The Sketchbook’s next offering

  1. Chas~ I just love the honesty and soulful art you create. The way you allow joy to flow through you is deeply moving. I have been a painter all my life, but I’d confess to being more of a expert ‘copier’. I’ve taken to using my left (non-dominant) hand to get into my real self. Thank you for being YOU, a shining example of womanhood! All the best, Carole Mayne


    • Thanks Carole so much – lovely of you to stop by and leave such a kind comment – I really appreciate it. Also don’t worry about being an expert copier -it’s all part of understanding, never stops really does it?

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    • Thanks Sandra – Kate liked the long shot version too so I’ll pop that on the STSB blog too. It’s working beautifully – did you manage to find whether Kate could access ok?


      • I couldn’t get a WP Invitation to edit on SOTTS to her. Something on her sight blocked it, so I uploaded her post for her. She can follow and see the Blog OK


      • That’s a shame. It worked so easily for me I couldn’t see what the problem might be. I feel like a real WordPress wrangler toggling between sites!


  2. I like seeing the full map you have on your blog, it makes more visual sense this way, especially to anyone familiar with the route! It makes me think of one of my own regular Sunday rides, from my home in Altona along the bike route through the Jawbone Nature Reserve to Williamstown for coffee overlooking Hobson’s Bay… What a lovely nostalgia trip you’ve given me!

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      • I always thought it a rather underestimated area, there was such a lot to see and do, but no-one could look (or drive!) past the refinery. There’s a brilliant bike trail all the way from Williamstown to Sanctuary Lakes, passing through several reserves and coastal parks. Well worth a visit.

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    • Hi Annett – sorry I realise I haven’t replied to a few comments. Thanks so much – here’s hoping the sketchbook gets to you safely on its long journey. My hubby is about to land in Germany – I’m so jealous! He’s doing a bit of an academic sabbatical at the moment.


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