The sketchbook makes its next move

I’ve greedily held on to the sketchbook of the sisterhood for too many days but today I’ve finally let her move on to her next temporary home.

At first I had her at home trying to work out how to contribute a worthy something to her content. Then I started carrying her around and that gave me the idea of tying in the maps and my Saturday travels on my bike.

Although I did the sketching separately and then added it to the sketchbook – I kept carrying the sketchbook with me. She came up to Mansfield for the weekend and to the Gallery and to work.

But finally this morning I popped her in a post bag and sent her off to Sandi – sister #5 on the journey.  The sketchbook isn’t going far – just a little jump in Victoria before she leaves Australia and crosses the Pacific to the US – but I still felt like I was packing off a child and sending her out into an unchartered world. I should be used to that feeling by now but it was strangely difficult to do.

Still there’s also the excitement of seeing what Sandi and all the sisters to follow will add – so here’s trusting the Australian postal service for its part and wishing my small companion, whose short stay was so welcome, all the best for her next adventure.


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