Autumn study – little horrors


Our first cold blast of wintry weather meant cosy time on the couch and time to draw this 1-IMG_1884study of cabbage roses.

They are true Little Shop of Horror flowers as they uncurl their pink & crimson veined leaves.





It occurred to me as I was drawing, that just as a musician  – no matter how skilled – will always come back to their scales & arpeggios – an artist too needs to keep practising the art of seeing and recording.

1-IMG_1891For me I was trying not to be too heavy handed and to keep the feel of the leaves. Although they are more robust than rose petals I tried to focus on the leaf margins & worked the wash out to create a fine edge.


Still a little more to develop but time to leave for a bit and come back to.



For some other autumnal pictures and still lives (is that a plural?) explore on..


6 thoughts on “Autumn study – little horrors

  1. You’re so right about needing to constantly refresh your way of seeing and recording. Attitudes, too, need to be kept flexible; too often I catch myself saying “I never..” or “I don’t….” when actually, I can and do – and should! I love your jugful of Audrey IIs, and think you’ve done a good job keeping those petal edges crisp but dimensional.

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    • Thanks so much Kate – glad you like the post. I usually fuss a lot posting up images but I did this directly on my phone which worked amazingly well. Good point about the ‘don’t do’ comment. There’s so much to learn even when you feel you ‘know’ something well. If people ask ‘can you draw or paint?’ – I always have to think – part yes, part no.

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