The Sisterhood takes flight

The Sisterhood’s Travelling Sketchbook made its first landing safely and there already seems to be an aeronautical feel to the work filling its pages.

After Anne’s flying onion, Kate Chiconi’s addition was a finely made feather from folded paper with a poem uncurling from its nib.

Kates Image#2


In my heart flows ruby ink;

the blue feather of my soul writes it on waiting pages of my life.

To see Kate’s blog visit

You can see a map showing the progress of the sketchbook, the artwork being created and see where it will go next on the very swanky map on the The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook page! Where else?




4 thoughts on “The Sisterhood takes flight

  1. Love the updated map! Amazing to see Anne has had to close entries due to over-demand. I’m pretty sure Sketchbook #2 will make an appearance. Such fun when projects like this take on a life of their own.

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      • It started as such a simple idea, just a conversation between two women, and seems to have caught the imagination for a lot of people with all sorts of different creative contributions to make. I do personally prefer the idea of a physical object which travels, and you get this exciting object in the mail. But if the concept does expand a bit more, I foresee a blogging home for the concept, and a space for virtual contributors to do their creative thing.

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      • A conversation between two women is the best way for change to happen. Oh yes the physical and tactile aspect of the project is so special. Nice to think about how we keep others linked in on the journey this time and then can go to the next step if it’s possible!

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