Job available: Mother of three

In a departure from my usual ramblings I write to advertise a newly opened job opportunity. Yes I am stepping down from my 23 years as Mother of Three and would be pleased for the post to be picked up by – well anyone else. The role also involves being wife to one and custodian of a kelpie dog.

There is no payment involved for this role but you do get the pleasure of managing an unrealistic schedule of activities, interruptions to find things and performing thankless tasks which include toilet and shower cleaning and dog feeding. Oh yes and working full-time and ensuring that all money earned is passed in toto to these five or to their creditors for Myki cards, birthday parties, festivals, seeing pictures with friends and miscellany.

It’s not that the aforementioned three are in anyway intolerable, obnoxious or criminal. No they are all totally wonderful, intelligent, engaging and creative human beings. Nor are the husband of one and Kelpie dog a source of grief. One religiously brings me a reasonable breakfast in bed most days and the other exuberantly follows and adores my every move.

The main problem is that the three tend to fall off things or demand forms of medical treatment which has become truly overly taxing. So I am advertising this role as I’m not sure how many more days of my life I can spend sitting in a chair in A&E waiting for the results of an MRI scan while one of the little poppets lies whimpering in a neck brace.

Yes – I now have had the trifecta and I didn’t think to put any money on this happening with William Hill et al or to write a George  RR Martin Epic based on one family’s seemingly improbable run of bad luck.

Some years ago the middle one was luckily saved by her thick jumper which caught enough air in its sails as she swan dived off a ladder while I watched her descent from above like some awful slow motion dream.

A couple of weeks ago the oldest managed to scuff the front of her motorbike helmet as she somersaulted over the handlebars but very luckily she didn’t scuff much else.

Then yesterday beloved youngest son decides to jump off a haystack in such a way that the ground hit him in the face.

The youngest practically started his life in intensive care and in between the ladder fall and the motorbike accident there have been two or maybe three long months spent in hospitals and innumerable trips in and out for everything from toys stuck up noses to broken collarbones.

However I don’t want to put the new incumbent off by this medical history.

There is great deal to be recommended in Melbourne’s health services, in particular the cafés within walking distance of emergency facilities have picked up enormously. There are so many cafés in the Royal Children’s Hospital you can put on weight just by walking through the superb atrium and – as I discovered most thankfully today – the Monash Medical Centre has cakes to rival Brunswick St, Fitzroy.


The cakes at Monash Medical Centre rival Brunswick St, Fitzroy

If you do take on the job I wouldn’t recommend the Alfred on a late night stint in between helicopter landings, nor the John Radcliffe in Oxford or the Reading Hospital unless they have had a good run through with a pressure washer recently.

But what I can assure the new incumbent is that spending a long time with any one of these three marvellous people in a hospital surrounded by other parents and their children as they cope with lumbar punctures and whooping cough and drug addiction and mental illness and hydrocephalus and septicaemia is definitely a good way of counting your blessings – (just like our Prime Minister, Mr Turnball does when he looks at his bank account).

So thanks to everyone, including Mr Turnball, who have taken steps to keep the hospitals in Australia funded for everyone – we appreciate everything they do for all of us. And if anyone out there wants to take on the roll of Mother of Three just leave your details in the comments below:



13 thoughts on “Job available: Mother of three

  1. Yep, been there, done that – though as a father, not mother – collar bone, check, concussion, check, etc., etc. (and don’t forget the taxi service you provide I’m sure). Ahh, happy days 😄

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    • Hi Alastair – it’s a bit of a long road which is one you’re well equipped to travel. At one point we took it in turns to go in for the trauma of one of our little beans being put under anaesthetic – not nice. Hope yours are all fit and healthy despite it all.

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    • Thank you so much – I do hope we can have a little respite. Not that I wish to be ungrateful but perhaps mothers could have a little bit of a lie up every 3 years for mild investigations which only require light monitoring and no needles.


  2. Girl, I think this employer may not release you for duties elsewhere. But if you can grab that cream-stuffed cake for consumption with some good coffee, I bet you might be able to persuade someone. I hope the incumbent of the hospital recovers expeditiously.

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  3. Oh dear! I’ll take the dog – or is it all or nothing? 😉

    What is a medical centre doing with all those luscious cakes? Are they trying to create work for themselves? Who cares?

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    • The dog is pretty cute but she’s a Kelpie and can’t be separated from her flock – very funny how she tries to keep tabs on all our comings and goings.
      re the cakes I’m not sure what excuse you would have to have to order a slice of monster cream and strawberry roulade in a hospital but if I find one I am definitely going back in for a slice.

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  4. Having lain whimpering in one of those very MRI machines not three days ago myself, I find myself qualified to empathise, but sadly nature did not grant me the privilege of young of my own to rear so I fear I’m under-qualified for such an important task. I have to make do with the offpring of my multiple older siblings, and their offspring too. Aunthood can be rewarding, but I’m too irresponsible to be left with the little darlings long term, thank goodness – or should that be ‘sadly’…? Good luck with the search for a replacement for the A&E/coffee & cake torture 🙂

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    • Hi Kate – sorry to hear you’re going through the stress of hospital investigations. I hope they have good cake options where you are. Good one on being a super-aunt – they are the best people. I wish I could be a better one and I wish I had more time with my dear aunts who left the planet way before I had enough time to really get to know them.


      • Similar story here, so I’ve had to make up aunting as I go along. Seems to be working….
        The MRI found the problem, and the CT scanner made sure the needles into my spine at least hit the right spot. I don’t recommend it, and no amount of cake will console me, as I’m a coeliac. A spot of creative output is a good antidote to the cold chills you get hearing ‘needle into spine’, I find.


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