Portrait of a tree


Very beautiful and gracious Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box) at Mansfield with a delicious pink and blue dip-dyed sky.

This beautiful tree is gloriously representative of the mothers of the world I think.

I wonder how many species, aside from her own, this one tree nurtures every day.

There was a very sweet vote for Australia’s favourite eucalyptus species by the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Gang at Melbourne Uni a couple of years ago. The Yellow Box came in 6th. Although it’s an impossible choice as all trees are magical, to find out Australia’s Top 5 Eucalypts for 2014 you have to visit –


Researcher Christopher Jones – from the same gang – voted #1 for the beautiful yellow box and gives his reasons here :


You can find some other posts about our lovely eucalyptus species – plant one today


Happy Mothers Day to all mums and nurturers everywhere



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