Back to the Drawing Board II

So happy to be going back to classes on Saturdays at Melbourne Art School – this time with Hilmi Baskurt taking us through.

Once again it’s Back to the Drawing Board for me.


Hilmi walks us through the underpainting process

Hilmi took us through a very structured study which was a good ‘head clearer’ – sometimes it’s a good thing not to be left too much to your own devices!

No matter how far I think I’m progressing – I always come back to the study and baulk at the first strokes. But Hilmi’s take on keeping early lines simple was just that – to make clear lines to mark out the planes of the forms and the relationships between them. I found that a great way to get going.


This link to an image of Hilmi’s work on the Melbourne Art Class site from an earlier term – Hilmi says he is drawn to the human condition which is clearly revealed in the image below.


This site by Connie is a nice summary of alla prima – best of all when she describes that even John Singer Sergeant scraped back and started again – phew…

Some other Still Life works posted here abouts




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