The Skies of May


The big squally skies over Phillip Island with curtains of rain and blustery cold wind were welcome today.

The April weather summary isn’t out yet but it must have broken some more records for being ridiculously hot.

I keep stepping out of the house in respectable autumnal layers only to break into a sweat half way to the station. I’m hoping now I can get to wear those opaque black tights I bought a month ago with my sensible shoes like a proper Melbourne commuter.


The summary monthly weather report from March read disturbingly thus..

In March, Australia recorded a mean temperature that was the highest on record, and 1.70 °C above the average. In addition, the mean March minimum temperature was also the highest on record for Australia and the mean maximum temperature was the seventh-warmest for the country. Australia’s hottest March day in history occurred on the 2nd, when more than one-third of Australia recorded maximum temperatures in the warmest percentile.



Other than that ominous information, today the skies were amazingly dramatic and, as ever, being down on the beach was a delicious joy.

Some other posts about Phillip Island include Time on the Island and Kelpie in the Kelp when Rigby was just the littlest puppy.


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