Greek Orthodox Easter 2016

καλό Πάσχα

Many streets of Melbourne will be spiced with the smell of cooking meat this weekend.

The men of Oakleigh gathered to collect their allotted lamb at midday in preparation for Easter celebrations. The Western and Eastern Christian Easters are at quite different times this year so there will be many children eagerly waiting for this one I’m sure.

Copy of IMG_1707

Copy of IMG_1702

In other parts of the world celebrations will be equally colourful and a great set of images, including the one below, is shown in International Business Times.


Some other traditions in good supply in Oakleigh are the special bread with red eggs


Image from Go Greece

and bundles of candles for the passing the sacred light, part of the celebration of the resurrection.


This image from the Ships Cook Stuff Blog from Cyprus by

So  “kale Páscha” – “Christos Anesti!” to everyone around the world celebrating this Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Greek Orthodox Easter 2016

    • Thanks Curt – there is such a great vibe in the town over the celebration of Easter. The community is very family focussed so this just adds to that feeling of everyone getting together.

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