Into the Woods

After our meeting with the kangaroo we went off foresting. There is mistletoe in many of the trees and they slowly suck out the life of a tree limb by limb until the dead wood falls off and at worst the whole tree dies. Mistletoe is a peculiar and strange thing but it looks to have overtaken many of the older trees in the gully so I cut off a few affected boughs. (The bough below had dropped and fallen on the fence.)1-IMG_1516

This great old ent-like being has fostered a stand of child ironbarks and they are growing tall and straight for now. 1-IMG_1521

There are glimpses through the woods into the land beyond and you can see the mop headed yellow mistletoe hanging down from some of the branches.1-IMG_1508

While there are signs of farming beyond …IMG_1515

the old trees are secretive and alluring with their twists and gaping hollows ready to swallow the unwary traveller.1-IMG_1509

For those who like to know a little bit more about trees >>

This small crop of ironbark is probably Eucalyptus sideroxylon as the trees have very black bark. Instead of shedding their bark like many eucalypts, ironbarks hold the bark and it becomes very creased with deep grooves as the trees age. The tree is very fire resistant and the timber strong and dense.


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