Can you see what I see?


I wouldn’t say I ‘spring out’ of bed but now the cool lap of autumn is here I might be said to ‘fall out’ of bed a bit earlier than over the hot days of summer.

The kelpie dog is sublimely happy with an early walk under a grey sky where she met with a soft grey kangaroo propped up at the dam. They are so blended into the landscape that in the dry they can stand stock still and look for all the world like an old tree stump or fence post.

The kelpie was a good girl and came back to sit and observe by my feet after skirting around the dam to get a closer look. Dog vs kangaroo with a roo of this size would not be good. 1-IMG_1504

The photos have been a bit tweaked so things are not quite so green as they look here. In fact we might be in a green drought where the short growth of grass sputters out and is poor quality. This can bring kangaroos out to forage in more open pasture than they might usually do.

It is a little unusual for these wary animals to allow anyone to get too close but if a kangaroo is wounded or they might be ousted from their mob (young males can get into scrapes), they can be on their own near water or other refuge. This one hopped off well enough a short time later.


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