Looking towards Baw Baw – oil sketch

Thought I would do a quick painting today as we have the luxury of a public holiday.
It’s quite lovely to really throw the paint on and I’m getting braver (thanks to Marco) at building up the layers faster and getting the colours more on the mark.

This is from my favourite sitting spot at Mansfield looking south in the morning light. The view is towards Mt Baw Baw which would be the highest mountain to the south at 1,567 m. Whether the peak of Baw Baw is the one in the far distance though I can’t be sure. The deep gully beyond the crest of the hill is the home of Mrs Wombat and family.

Anyway here’s the painting in four stages. Not quite finished – I’d like to add the little farm sheds in the distance and give some more definition to the foreground – but a happy day’s work.

Unlike looking at photos these are best viewed standing a little further away :>.


Working on the form, light and tone


Adding the middle section – lots of fun with trees


Just tempering the colours, adding shadow & defining the farm track


Making a start on the foreground – time for tea


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