Worker Series #8 – Fashion

Fashion is no easy ride. The moments of glamour are interspersed with months of graft.

I was lucky enough to go along to the show of Indonesian fashion label ETU* at the Melbourne Fashion Festival last week so I can vouch for how much hard work was involved  watching a string of lovely clothes wander by while drinking champagne. But I jest – behind the scenes are a lot of hard working people.


Most visible are the handful of impossibly good looking models who spend months nurturing no muscle development or fat acquisition but are ready exemplars of the straight back and steady stare so that nothing detracts from the art of crafted fabric they are wearing.

Behind these beauties is the ETU team. (The young designer, Restu Anggraini, isn’t in the photo she was so busy darting about.)


The back up team members are also ridiculously beautiful and naturally well dressed in ETU’s clothes which boast environmental and social credentials.


A little further out the back – usually found in invisible black t-shirts and jeans are the production crew who have their own rugged beauty.  To them falls the job of actually lifting and packing (and on this day mopping up the sudden downpour) and making everything look just so while the heavily hand-bagged chat in the background.

Look at that little guy positively toppling over with the cushions that supported the well-to-do bottoms of the fashion loving audience only a few moments before.


  • Have to declare an interest here as my work helped support the ETU design team to come to Oz – but the clothes were so beautiful I did want to share this one. My brother is also one of the production managers for the Fashion Festival so I know it is a major amount of work.

Other posts in the Worker Series include that other great Melbourne love – restaurant hopping.


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