NGV – sketches in the Great Hall

I started my year’s membership of the National Gallery today – a rather belated start to my Christmas present from my lovely girls. It was exciting to be back inside the Gallery to see all the new exhibits and to revisit my favourite pieces after being introduced to the Member’s lounge. Now there’s a small piece of civilisation worth having.

The spaces were alive with families and there were fantastic oversized cushion lozenges in the Great Hall which meant people could stop and lounge and take in the beautiful glass ceiling by Leonard French.*

I spied these groups from the quiet of the gallery above the Great Hall and made a few quick sketches.


– a trio of young people lying in twists and turns.


A trio of single people waiting or just resting



1-IMG_1380A tired family taking a break

*Upon reading that each triangular piece of glass in the mighty ceiling weighs 300kg and took 4 men to lift I will definitely reserve a deeper sense of respect while lounging about underneath it in future.

I was also inspired by Erin Hill’s recent post on ‘fast people‘ or quick sketching the figure with her group up in Sydney. It’s a nice reminder to keep looking at the shape and feel of the figure and not get too overloaded by the detail.

Having a great group of unwitting volunteers today was also very good.

4 thoughts on “NGV – sketches in the Great Hall

  1. I also just got a NGV membership as a present! I have been in the lounge with my sister, but I am looking forward to lounging there in my own right. Your sketches catch the relaxed poses very nicely.


  2. Fun sketches, Chas. Like you, I enjoy visiting galleries and enjoy favorite paintings as old friends. After a few hours, it would be a delight to have a comfortable lounge, however! –Curt


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