Yacking about Yarck #1

This little shop points to an altogether sleepier time, which once might have been the sum total of Yarck’s charm  – a mere ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ drive through as Melburnians flee Yea en route to Eildon or Mansfield.
(Many of these folk -I’m sorry to say-travel in bulging SUVs towing the truly purulent jet ski which is to waterways what leaf blowers are to gardens.)


But the town of Yarck is sleepy no more. While this little shop wears its rusticity proudly – there are no fast food outlets, hawking petrol stations or tourist grabbing diversions here and the rest of the township sparkles in its best Sunday suit.


The Yarckadians (as they surely must be) have rejuvenated one of the most delightful small townships in Victoria – an outpost of human scale civilisation so rarely found now -where one must simply stop for tea and a vanilla slice and take a very gentle stroll about.


More to post from here next time…



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