Good art is .. a journey for the intrepid

I started this nude study last year on a large linen canvas. It’s the first time I’ve used linen and it is certainly a beautiful surface to paint on. The oils feels like butter, compared to the graft of making the paint ‘bite’ into a cotton canvas.

#1 Tonal oil sketch in burnt umber


Still the challenge using linen is that each mark matters – I was overwhelmed at both enjoying being more fluid with the paint while feeling the tension of stuffing things up any minute.


#2 Introducing skin tone


Each stage was a new and slightly intrepid exploration in painting. The end is someway off but I am aiming to keep this work with a lighter feel if possible.

#3 Building up the paint layer


A couple of other paintings of nudes I’ve been working on have hit the buffers. One feels overdone and the other met with an accident – the canvas got ripped by something falling onto it in the shed (probably a message from a greater being who didn’t think much of it.  either.)

I’m looking forward to starting off a new set of works this year – hopefully will get to do more works on linen too.


5 thoughts on “Good art is .. a journey for the intrepid

  1. Thanks so much Bob for your comment – sorry I didn’t see it earlier. Sadly the painting is still sitting in another studio and I haven’t got back to it just yet.


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