Shed life with Mr Echidna

The shed at the bottom of the hill looks like a rustic alternative to house painting and faux bush domesticity.  A messy and exhausting business – step aerobics with bird poo stains – it would be good to just clear a bit of room and camp in the shed.

1-IMG_0238But it seems the shed is already taken. The Greta Garbo of the marsupial (sorry monotreme) world – Mr Echidna – has taken up residence. He’s a big lad – the third we’ve seen over the week – or maybe the same one. Checking the boundary fence one day, the windmill the next.

1-IMG_0232If he was an Australian Mrs Tiggywinkle he would despair at the state of things. The unstrained fences and bad water management. The abuse of the shed (his home!) as a transit station to the tip.

1-IMG_0226The trip down to the shed is an easy one, but on the way back it’s nice to criss-cross the paddock and spot interesting things about. The Kelpie is happy about this long walk plan


The ground cover rustles and crackles with the dry. Wattle and Eucalypt seed pods carpet the aprons under the trees.  The deer have made tracks and put down stone markers to guide their way -otherwise I can’t explain them.


There are wildflowers – showy violets I think from the wildflower chart – a small shot of pink nestled in the yellow and brown leaf litter and kangaroo poo.


And a pile of ants not phased by the heat.

1-IMG_0227And then there are the trees. Some grown, some new. Mr Echidna’s view in the morning





9 thoughts on “Shed life with Mr Echidna

    • Thanks so much Kate – would love to see what you would do with the place – obviously Mr Echidna’s room would need special treatments. Love the little decorated van in your last post! Hope everyone is feeling better there and signs of spring are about


    • Thanks Jessica – we have been getting a bit urbanised over the last few years so being able to spend a long time here is very special. I’m taking a leaf out of your book too – appreciating the small things and the details so many of us just pass by.


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