Last view from the tree of life

Very sad to hear about a friend’s dad today – hoping he finds his way from these earthly bonds soon. A physicist and musician, a quiet and humble man who had a love of history.

The only time I heard him express some frustration was when his fellow commuters on the Eastern Freeway started and stopped in that inexplicable way of peak hour traffic.

But even then his main frustration was that vehicles eventually turn into traffic and all have to obey the laws of Newton. His dissertation on this always made me less annoyed in a tailback with the memory that I had once been in the car of a leading physicist as he explained conservation of momentum and other universal truths while hurtling up Johnson St toward the towering destination of the David Caro Physics Building.

Some other passing giants here from up at Mansfield where he spent some time too – he would have appreciated these.

Some boughs have dropped to create great seating places and natural spots to rest and take in the view. A reminder to stop and appreciate our moments here too.


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