Here’s to an inspirational 2016

Thanks so much to all the crazy folk who dropped by on 1 – 2 Jan in a post-New Year frenzy – wow – and thank you to everyone who visited or commented or took a moment to look at any of my blog and posts during 2015.

We hosted family Christmas this year which meant having a proper clean up + some creative time to deck the house out.

My daughter put together an amazing spontaneous Christmas tree from a music stand and an old broom handle and some poly pipe from out in the shed + loads of tissue paper. She is a 3-D zen master but doesn’t know it.


Brilliant spontaneous Christmas Tree

My thoughtful family topped up my dwindling art supplies – my son bought me the perfect present – a little orange pencil case filled with ink pens and my daughters bought me a year’s membership at the NGV which should stop the gallery from kicking me out for loitering and some beautiful Christmas flowers.

Hubby bought me Leunig’s essays ‘The Lot’ and I my brothers bought me Leunig’s totally gorgeous cartoon compendium ‘The Wayward Leunig’ & a stack of DVDs including ‘Australia: The Time Travellers Guide’ by Dr Richard Smith, which is a science & natural history lovers dream.


Christmas Spoils


Australian Christmas Flowers


I felt like a very spoilt 9 year old all over again.

Whatever happened to the ‘only one present each’ rule?!



Still it’s back to work soon so I managed to re-colonise the shed this week and make some more room for painting and creating – aiming to hopefully (finally) finish off the ‘2015 series (whatever that was) and start on some new things.


The studio in the shed – cleaned up to start the year

Here’s to a great New Year. My resolutions for what they are worth

1} take more time to enjoy the company of those I’m with

2} think of and act more for those who still need the basics of the things I often take for granted

3} do more to cherish the planet and every creature on it and

4} stop being distracted by lists.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to an inspirational 2016

    • Hi Hilary – hope your 2016 is going well so far. Please adopt the resolutions although they’re a humble set and I might have already overridden #3 after a minor control of an invasion of little black flies on holiday. Sorry little black flies.


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