Sublime Saturday; Harpist and the MPavilion

Such a sublime day on Saturday. Cycled to the city to meet my handy sibling who is tech wrangler at Melbourne’s MPavilion.

The MPavilion is a marvellously light and airy shelter – a temporary drop in and chill out performance spot where children can read books or folk can gather for avant-garde arty strangeness (if there is any such thing left to explore of this type) or cyclists can even drop in to hear an amazing harpist.

Must have ticked all the boxes for being good this week to land the latter combination.

Marshall McGuire was layering more beauty on the already shimmering green of the gardens and bonhomie of the assembled patrons.

Then we had coffee and cake and rode home.


On Sunday I made this painting of Marshall playing from a sketch and photos. Hope I haven’t made him too serious looking – he is incredibly talented but also a lovely and jovial bloke.

Marshall McGuire plays at MPavillion

Marshall McGuire plays at MPavillion

You can enjoy Marshall’s versatility and virtuosity via the magic of Youtube (mais d’accord)


Contemporary work by Helen Gifford


Traditional and utterly beautiful trio on traditional instruments

(snippet starts in at about 6min30sec if you want to skip the talk about the instruments)

or for something a little longer and spine tingly

Commissioned work ‘Awakening for Harp’ by the superbly lovely Barry Conyngham


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