Good Art Is .. A Glimpse of Brilliance

I’m sadly predictable in my choice of beloved Australian artists and their paintings – they read like a ’Top 5’ website list to the culturally weary. But within each is something quite mesmerising and even surprising when seen in the flesh.

Just take Margaret Preston’s sprig of red Christmas Bells in her grey-green profusion of Flannel Flowers, Arthur Streeton’s intoxicating purple-blue of the Hawksbury River, E Phillip Fox’s gleams of sunlight on skin in The Bathers are – on closer inspection – great daubs of paint on his gloriously paint laden nude.

Brack’s Typists appear in a painting on their own (in the Joseph Brown Collection) and then turn up again, just as pert and prim, in Collins St. 5pm, while Jeffrey Smart gives the sparest but vibrant glimpse of red in his Rooftops (in Italy).

Nicholas de Lacy Brown gave me a nice prompt to finish this post having seen his beautiful graphic images of his new home and surrounds in Palma de Mallorca which reminded me of Smart’s paintings –

I must say I envy Nicholas not a little on reading about his expat dream job but then I can traipse about the NGV any Saturday and keep rediscovering the wonderful works below. So mustn’t grumble.

Lucky dip here to see the full pictures

5 thoughts on “Good Art Is .. A Glimpse of Brilliance

  1. So kind of you to share my post! I feel extremely lucky to have landed a dream job in a dream location… and although I have discovered there is no such thing as paradise when real life intervenes, I am nevertheless very happy 🙂 Thank you again!


    • Hi Maureen – yes the collections these come from span from indigenous works made long before white settlement, early colonial art, through to the Australian impressionists, the modernists to post modern works. A brilliant collection to wander through anytime.

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