Richmond Ramblings #1 – Urban cottages

Just a few little peeks of Richmond’s (aptly named) wealthy pockets of early working family architecture. The back streets can thankfully still transport you to an earlier more innocent time. While there is the ever present pressure of development, the City of Yarra Council favours the vernacular and so there is still lots of early timber and iron roofed houses to see and enjoy just off the main roads. Redevelopment of older homes tends to be discreet and clever matches of old and innovative can be seen.

The Council sadly lost their fight for a more sensitive development of the iconic Dimmey’s building on Swan Rd – so the thankfully preserved but depressingly pimped up building now has the blandest supermarket on the planet – Coles – in its gutted interior and the obligatory over-scale glass and metal apartment block plugged onto its rear. So the dragons of skyscraper cranes may soon rule and the days of a gentle, daggy and low-rise Richmond may be numbered.


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