Good Art is … An immersion in the landscape

Thanks to Yarra Trams digging up the tram tracks on Flinders St, I was set down on Collins St so wound down a lane way to find myself outside Flinders Lane Gallery. By serendipity I’d come upon the opening of a new exhibition by Jo Davenport.

As well as an inviting warmth – the 3 main food groups for any artist were available – biscuits, cheese and wine.

Even more delightful was Jo on hand to speak about her work and life on the Murray which forms an intrinsic part of her practice. The paintings are intentionally large stretched linen  – so Jo can immerse herself in each image as it emerges over weeks of developing on the floor and then standing aside. She describes spending more time now sitting and thinking rather than just mark making – contemplating the sensation of the image being suggested as the paint beds onto  the rabbit skin glue sizing.

While the works are abstract in their form, spending some time to allow the work to form around you, reveals figurative moments – the twist of a tree, the meeting of polished water and pink skies, the vague trace of Table Top Mountain – all elements of the landscape Jo reveals to us with a generous burst of colour and light.

Under a Blue Sky Jo Davenport (C) 2015

Under a Blue Sky Jo Davenport (C) 2015

An earlier post about this beautiful area can be read here >>

Earthly Delights by Jo Davenport (C) 2014

Earthly Delights Eurobin Falls by Jo Davenport (C) 2014

For more about Jo go to >>Jo Davenport’s Website

To see the current exhibition paintings go to >> Flinders Lane Gallery


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