Studies in the Grand Salon II

Continuing the fabric and costume theme. This painting – another romantic piece – captures the distance between a married couple after their return from an evening out. The wife gazes out to the hallway – perhaps avoiding her husband’s detached company.

I painted this using gouache which is a new medium for me. Being an opaque paint it was an interesting way to experiment with the subtle tones of cream on cream in skin and fabric. The layers and sheen in the bodice and the voluminous bustle and train were also lovely to study.

There is a lovely short film about hanging the collection in the Grand Salon – quite an art in itself – at

4 thoughts on “Studies in the Grand Salon II

    • Thanks so much Hilary – the full painting is stunning – so difficult to really do it justice. Unfortunately I couldn’t track down a pic of it on the net so will take a photo next time I’m there. Luckily the gallery is delightfully relaxed about people photographing and sharing the works.


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