Good art is … meditating on Renoir

Strange how embedded some art works are in our psyche.

I have been working away at a painting based on a cafe scene I captured one cold but dry day in Richmond.

When I came to paint one woman who was leaving the cafe I laboured over it. Then I started thinking about Renoir’s Umbrellas (Les Parapluies) and put a child in the scene with her. There is a natural Parisian feel on days like this in Melbourne’s cafes so the painting seem to take on this feel.

I hadn’t actually looked at Renoir’s painting at any stage – but just had it in mind as I worked. I was so surprised to find (after plucking the work from Wikipedia to post here), how similar the mothers in their dark coats and countenance toward their child are.

But then again, I have stood and looked in wonder and joy at this painting in the National Gallery in London many times, so I suppose there is more stored internally than I realize. The young waitress with her far away look probably has another provenance..


2 thoughts on “Good art is … meditating on Renoir

  1. I like Renoir but was annoyed when one we wanted to see in Madrid turned out to be out on loan. Your rendering of faces / skin tones is wonderful. The bottom image detail is beautiful.


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