Death of the Bungalow I

Where to start? Well on balance it’s nothing like the scale of being in a war torn city – but there is something stomach churning in seeing a line of perfectly habitable sweet bungalows being shredded en masse.  If a row of sound little houses is sold as a single lot to developers, what chance is there for families or young people ever getting to own one of these lovely homes and being part of these quiet neighbourhoods?

The humble and gentle face of Melbourne’s suburbs is rapidly being eroded and pock marked by a planning policy that seems to spit back at the people who live (or would like to live) here. The sad fact is Melbournes’ street-scapes and 20th century heritage are being readily sacrificed for a quick buck. Oh but not in Hawthorn – no the politician’s homeland has been preserved from any such hideousness. 

But wait! Once we downsize we can buy one of the replacement two bed, two bath apartments with a glass balcony. Bliss. Should I have got started? 



15 thoughts on “Death of the Bungalow I

    • Thanks Dawn and hi

      I thought I would try to keep some sort of ‘log’ of where houses are disappearing – sadly I can’t keep up – it’s almost to a point of obliteration in some streets around here.

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    • Hi Mae – how are you?

      That is not good. One positive is that I’ve now had so many comments I’m feeling a little bit more like being pro-active and becoming quietly anarchistic!


      • What is even sadder is that so much of this goes on in every country…when, you are right, the governments should be looking out for it’s peoples…no matter what country!
        …and don’t get me started about the money wasted on stupid wars and military stuff when most people just want clean water and a decent roof over their heads and food in their stomachs…and to feel they are worth something.


  1. It always saddens me to see this! Yesterday the news announced that they are giving away the rubble from the Napa Valley earthquake! They could restore the buildings with some of this matter! Anyway, thank you for the follow! ^..^


  2. It’s going on everywhere. Everything must go. Everything must be replaced. However did we cope before. I am thoroughly fed up with it. HK has virtually no concept of heritage protection. An old Hakka house has been bulldozed and replaced with a concrete box. That’s progress. Humbug.

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    • Hi Andrew – how are you going? Hear you should be trying to take it easy. I don’t know if you can claim some type of psychological damage when you see heritage being destroyed – some days I really start to feel overwhelmed and helpless – I am trying to decide on a plan which doesn’t involve being a mad lady shouting in council meetings..


      • I’m doing ok thanks Chas. It’s been an unexpectedly tough 6-8 months. I am finding ways of working round the AF. HK is a never ending battle against environmental degradation. We need more mad ladies shouting here.


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